Oscars Style My Style

Okay, first, a disclaimer. I am not trying to be E! Fashion Police, or People.com (both of which I frequent, if you must know). I’m not about to go all Joan Rivers on you and hate on people’s dresses; instead, when I see a dress I try to think about what the person was thinking when they chose it. I mean, everyone’s disagreed on red carpet fashion. I mean, yeah, everyone agrees that Jessica Alba would look good if she wore the debris from Hurricane Sandy, and everyone also agrees that they don’t know why Helena Bonham Carter a tries to look like a zombie-type creature most of the time  (she made a FIERCE Bellatrix Lestrange though) (#HarryPotterNerd). But then again, even me and my best friend, who always pride ourselves on having the same fashion sense, disagree all the time about it. So really, this is just a collection of the thoughts I had while browsing the dresses of this year’s Oscars red carpet, with no claims that they are right or wrong – fashion is such an individual, personal art, and that’s what’s so great about it.

(I think I might be getting really philosophical and intense about fashion, but that’s okay, right?)

Jennifer Lawrence – Dior Haute Couture Dress, Chopard Jewelry, Roger Vivier Clutch

 This year’s Best Actress winner was the first person I thought of. To be completely honest, I find Jennifer Lawrence pretty awkward. But it’s her awkwardness that everyone seems to love – like, not to bring it up again, when she tripped up the stairs…it was kinda cute, am I right? She’s beautiful in this stretched-out way, if you know what I mean. The upper part of her body is so long and elegant and it makes her look good in pretty much anything. I feel like not a lot of people would be able to pull off this dress; it’s a little strange that it protrudes naturally at the hips and then immensely with the big puff at the bottom, but she makes it work with her tall figure. And her face looked so effortlessly nice, so all in all, it made for this light, almost bride-like, sweet look.

Anne Hathaway – Prada dress, Harry Winston Jewelry

I had to include Anne Hathaway because everyone was talking about her dress (albeit not really in a good way). I understand what everyone was saying; her breast region really does look awkward due to the strange contouring of the dress, but honestly, there are some good parts of her look that I think were under-appreciated. I did like the neckline/necklace combination, I thought it was pretty. I also liked the soft pink color of her dress (it was similar to JLaw’s color). The back of the dress was also interesting, I think it would have worked better if the dress was a different material. The material of the dress was actually my main problem with this dress; I really don’t like satin or satin-type cloths most of the time, and I don’t really like it here either.

Charlize Theron – Dior Haute Couture Dress, Harry Winston Jewelery

Okay, she looked perfect. I actually cannot stop staring at pictures of her in this gown; she looks like an angel sent from God as his representative on the Oscars red carpet. Her skin looked so smooth, glossy and natural; and her face structure is just immaculate. I’m not a huge fan of short hair on people who aren’t Halle Berry, but she kills it somehow. Her dress, in all honesty, is pretty, but nothing out-of-this-world; however, her tall, slim figure and that train make it a really elegant look overall. Charlize Theron is just the personification of that tall, thin, blonde beauty that everyone envies, and I definitely envied her look this year.

Naomi Watts – Armani Privé dress, Neil Lane Jewelry

 I’m usually really not a sparkly, over-the-top, glam kinda girl, but I think this dress works really well. It fits Naomi’s (yeah, we’re on first name terms) body really well, and the interesting neckline/shoulder strap thing oddly works. The dark gray sparkle complements her light complexion well and brings out her eyes. I am a huge fan of her lightly-puffed-up chignon hair too; I’m biased because I love up-dos in general. Overall, this fun, glamorous look that still manages to be elegant: shout-out to you, NWatts! (JK, that’s really not a thing. It’s kind of embarrassing that I just wrote that but I don’t really want to erase it.)

Kerry Washington – Miu Miu Dress, Prada clutch, Chopard earrings, Fred Leighton ring.

Okay, Kerry Washington is SO beautiful. Her cheekbones and her eyes and her face structure and everything. I am just in awe of her. I really liked this dress choice – MiuMiu is such a quirky, original brand and this dress is too, but at the same time it’s not too out there. The detail on the bodice part is really pretty. The coral pink color goes nicely with her skin tone too, and I love the little bow on the waistline. However, I did think the shoes were a weird choice with this dress. I probably wouldn’t have picked pointy ones, and I might have chosen a color more similar to the bodice. But hey, I’m not Kerry Washington.

Jessica Chastain – Giorgio Armani, Harry Winston Jewelry

Sometimes I feel bad for Jessica Chastain. Well, I don’t feel bad, because she’s beautiful, but it’s got to be hard having the red hair and pail skin: you have to get the color combinations right or you end up looking like a rainbow. This is what happened to Jessica at the Golden Globes – she was wearing this beautiful blue gown that unfortunately did not work well with her hair. This time, however, she nailed it. The color palette works really well, the different shades of red and brown in her hair, make up, and dress all go together perfectly. The dress itself is beautiful too; the patterning and detailing are exquisite. Props to her for getting this all right…I have it easy with black/dark brown hair.

Stacy Keibler – Naeem Khan dress, Lorraine Schwartz Jewlery

 Stacy Keibler has it all. She was George Clooney’s plus one and she looked perfect! This dress looks like it was made with her in mind – it highlights her amazing, athletic figure so well. I also love how it brings out her broad but beautiful shoulders. (Okay, confession. I have really broad shoulders too and I felt a connection.) The detail on the dress is really, really pretty too, especially the sort of ruched, sheer back with sequin detail. Her hair goes with the look and the jewelry is beautiful too. Stacy, I wish I was you.

Amy Adams – Oscar de la Renta dress, Mouawad jewelry

Amy Adams, like Jessica Chastain, has her beautiful red hair to deal with, but it’s not quite as bright as Jessica’s. Anyway, when dresses have ruffly, feather-type components, I usually don’t like them. But I think Amy really pulls this off. I like how the bodice accentuates her waistline and elongates her neck/shoulder area, and then it just flows out. It’s also really princess-y, and Amy will always be the princess from Enchanted to me. I guess I also just have a thing for princesses. I really like the hair (here I go again with the up-dos), and her earrings are so pretty.

As you can tell, I really enjoy red carpet season, and the Oscars is the culmination of red carpet season. Until next year, Oscars!


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