Portland: Street Style

I have grown to love Portland. Sometimes it’s hard to get over the ever-present drizzle, but when it’s sunny and bright in Portland, there is positively no other place I would rather be.

This spring break, I decided I would try and capture Portland’s sense of style in a blog post. This was a first for me, but with the help of my sister Charvi, I took a day to explore some of the parts of Portland I particularly enjoy (namely NW 23rd street, Alberta, and Pioneer Courthouse Square). I enjoyed taking pictures of people whose style stuck out to me – I think there’s something really rewarding about taking time to appreciate other people’s fashion sense, even when it’s really far from your own.

I’ll stop writing now – this one’s all about the pictures. Enjoy!











DSC_0146 IMG_0688

Yes, I included Charvi in the post. Also, a big thank you to the people who let me take photos of them. I wish I had found more people, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway!


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