My Summer Shopping List (It Should Be Yours Too!)

Since I am no longer an uncontrollable freak shopper, I now employ methods to streamline my shopping and make it more efficient (okay, I sound like some sort of supply chain manager). In all seriousness, I’ve decided to devote my shopping energies to a select few items that I really feel could add something to my wardrobe, and I’m going to be super picky about them too.

1. Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are SO versatile. The only thing they don’t go with is, well, blue jeans. Especially when I imagine my New York summer filled with maxi dresses/skirts that I think are complemented perfectly by a well-fitting denim jacket. I especially have a thing for denim jackets with pattern detail. That being said, I have a really hard time finding a well-fitting denim jacket with my disproportionately broad shoulders.

Denim Jacket Combos
Denim Jacket Combos

2. Maxi skirts (yes, plural)

Maxi skirts have grown on me, and now I’m hopelessly in love with them. I mean a skirt that you don’t have to shave your legs for?! Okay, not the point, but maxis do have a versatility that persists from spring to fall. I just bought my first one (just plain black), but I’m looking to buy a few with more interesting patterns and colors.

Maxi skirt dreams

3. Midi skirt

Okay, I’m a little reluctant about midi skirts because I’m so short, but I definitely love the idea of them. They’re so elegant and can be used in a variety of situations – evening, casual, work, etc.

midi1 midi3 midi2

4. Oxfords

I have been wanting to buy oxfords for so long, but I have a hard time finding the perfect ones (and justifying them to myself given the price and/or necessity). Oxfords are preppy and cute at the same time, and go well with jeans and skirts. I’m looking for something unique but not something that stands out too much. I’m thinking something like dark brown leather or grey, but maybe with some colored accents. To be decided.

Oxfords galore
Oxfords galore

5. Summer sandals

I am so incredibly picky about summer sandals. And I’ve also become big about wanting comfortable sandals that don’t make you feel like you’ve been walking on stone barefoot; many of the sandals I’ve come across have a sole which is only a little thicker than a piece of paper. I really want something rugged, maybe some leather sandals with thicker straps.

Summa sandal ideas
Summa sandal ideas

6. Fedora

Okay, I’ve really wanted one for ages. This does not fit with my whole efficient shopping strategy, but I want one to wear this summer for my casual strolls through Central Park (a la Blair Waldorf).


7. Versatile Sheath Dress

I don’t really enjoy wearing a business skirt-suit thing when doing interviews or formal presentations (#Wharton); the skirt always rides up and the collar always gets messed up…just not comfortable. I really want a simple, plain sheath dress that can I can pop a cardigan or blazer over  for formal purposes, but also for nice dinners and occasions.

Sheath Dress: Work or Elegant Party!
Sheath Dress: Work or Elegant Party!

8. Sunglasses

I really want new sunglasses, and yes, I want some chic retro ones. I do want them to last me a few years at least, so I want them to look like they will last the next few years in fashion. It’s also SO HARD to find sunglasses that look good on my face, since my face is so small and has weird angles to it. Ugh. I am really hoping to pick a pair at the Warby Parker showroom in New York though.

Retro sunnies
Retro sunnies

It is my mission this summer to find all of these things, and I won’t just buy any item, it has to be perfect. I mean, I’m in NYC so hopefully this will happen. Okay I think that’s enough for now – there are still two whole other seasons to go in the year, and who knows what will be on my list for those!


One thought on “My Summer Shopping List (It Should Be Yours Too!)

  1. like like like!
    – haha I want to try on a maxi skirt this summer lol
    – yes to oxfords, summer sandals, and sheath dress!! !! !!
    – I’ll make a list like this too for our shopping excursions yay

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