Is using breast cancer as a marketing tool ethical?

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I came across this feature in Glamour while getting a pedicure, and it made me think: when brands put the breast cancer ribbon on their products, are they doing it because they genuinely support breast cancer as a cause, and want to donate proceeds to it, or does it work in their favor as well – by increasing the sales of their products? I know that I, as a consumer, am definitely more likely to buy something if it has the breast cancer ribbon on it, because I feel like I’m donating to a good cause. But I’m not sure how I feel about “pinkwashing”, and not even knowing how much of the money I’m paying is going to breast cancer research (at least this article is clear about how much of the price is going to it, but I’m curious to know if that is clear to the in-store consumer). Definitely something to think about as both a brand, and a consumer!


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