My name is Vidushi Bhargava. I work in brand management and marketing at Mondelēz International, the snacking conglomerate that owns brands like Oreo, Sour Patch, Cadbury, and more.

I am fascinated by all facets of marketing, particularly consumer brands, as well as how marketing is evolving with technology.

I grew up in Penang, Malaysia but have also lived in Phoenix, Portland, OR, Philadelphia, and now, New York City. I attended University of Pennsylvania, where I was part of the Management & Technology Program, a dual-degree program between the Wharton School and the School of Engineering.

 I’m an avid traveler and have now been to 37 countries (meaning I have 159 to go) (168 if you don’t count Taiwan as a country).

I consider myself a Tiramisu connoisseur and have tried one in almost every city I’ve been to.

Twitter: @vidushi_b | Instagram: princessvidushi | Pinterest: pinterest.com/vidushiii |  LinkedIn | about.me

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