Oreo: #Wonderfilled Close to Home

Marketing now more than ever is about the now (haha, okay, yes I just wanted to say that, but it’s true). There are whole agencies devoted to reactive marketing based on what is trending or happening at the moment, which is pretty damn cool in my opinion.

I wanted to share something that’s close to¬†home in two ways: first, I work (in marketing) Mondelez, the company that makes Oreos, and second, I grew up in Malaysia. Malaysia has an interesting cultural landscape in that it comprises three main ethnic groups: the Malays, the Chinese, and the Indians. There is often tension between the races and people often identify themselves by their ethnicity and not as “Malaysian”. The Malaysian government has made several efforts to encourage ethnic harmony¬†(such as the 1Malaysia campaign).

I won’t get into it, but there’s been a lot of turmoil politically going on in Malaysia. That’s why this #Wonderfilled video from Oreo is so relevant in this time of climate. Especially love it because it’s an example of how you can build something relevant and current into very classic branding. Enjoy!